DGfL Core Service

Broadband The DGfL Broadband provision is both managed and monitored to ensure schools have the right capacity of uncontested fibre broadband. The lines are protected by powerful firewalls and robust intrusion prevention systems such that broadband is secure and fit for educational use. A high capacity, dual redundancy link into the internet ensures reliable and fast broadband provision at the best possible cost that educational establishments can trust as the foundation of their ICT strategy.

Proactive Network Monitoring and Maintenance These are the important, often invisible but essential proactive support and maintenance checks that DGfL carries out in real time, on every network, to ensure the ongoing stability and resilience of a school’s ICT systems. Thousands of automated checks can detect issues with systems, enabling a resolution before they impact the networks. Combined, they form an effective and efficient protective service layer and include, but are not limited to: security checks, server log monitoring, antivirus scan checks and updates, operating system and application updates, backup checks and capacity management.

Core Systems Software Included as an integral part of the core service is a range of necessary software without which an educational establishment cannot ensure the network is properly licensed and secure. This includes network operating systems, Microsoft software assurance for device and server operating systems, wireless central controller software, filtering and e-safety monitoring software, anti-virus software and updates, network management tools, LAN and WAN infrastructure management tools.

Strategic Advice and Relationship Management Relationship management is a key part of DGfL going forward and as a result, technical and educational experts will interact with educational establishments on a regular basis to ensure that the service is appropriately aligned with the school’s strategy and requirements.

E-safety Monitoring E-safety monitoring is an essential network system element required to ensure a school’s network is being operated in line with the school’s safeguarding policies. This service monitors what is happening on the network and provides reports to act upon as appropriate.

Centralised Filtering This is a very important part of any establishment’s network, as it allows for the filtering of web content and ensures that the control over what is accessed and if set up appropriately when, where and by whom. DGfL currently provides, manages and supports Smoothwall for all educational establishments, as an enterprise filtering solution, fully integrated with the wireless and network systems.

E-safety Support DGfL works closely with the Dudley Safeguarding Board to ensure that national and local initiatives are promoted within DGfL establishments, via central training sessions. Through E-safety support, DGfL supports digital literacy within the new computing curriculum and training to all E-safety stakeholders, ensuring the key messages are understood and embedded into good practice in educational establishments.

Central Backup A key building block of the DGfL service, the enterprise and industry leading cloud technology based centralised backup service provided by DGfL, ensures that all files stored on the school servers are incrementally and securely copied, on a daily basis, to a secure off-site location and have the capability to be restored, upon request, in case of accidental file deletion or major server failure. In addition, users can restore their own files through the use of the DGfL enabled shadow copy of their data.

Core System Restoration Service Combined with the central backup service, DGfL provides a server and infrastructure restoration and business continuity service in case of a major systems failure, be that due to technical issues or other unforeseen events such as fire or flood. DGfL stocks ready to use server and infrastructure hardware that can be deployed into an establishment, to provide critical functionality via either a timely system repair / replacement or loan equipment, while the educational establishment is waiting to settle any insurance claim.

Managed Infrastructure The DGfL core service provides advice and guidance on how to get the best out of the educational establishment’s infrastructure, while ensuring users are safe and secure. Many of the features of the core DGfL service support 1:1, BYOD strategies and facilitates a school implementation – safely and securely. With this in mind, the core service E-safety Monitoring, E-safety Support, Centralised Filtering and infrastructure systems work as an integrated whole.

DGfL Service Desk The DGfL Service Desk is a local, Dudley based facility staffed by a team of IT professionals that know DGfL and the educational establishments. Support and advice requests can be logged during working hours or by using the on-line support portal 24x7x365. Calls logged are often managed and resolved overnight by the off-shore team. The DGfL Service Desk is supported by second and third line technical staff, where technical issues require escalation.