DGfL Optional Services

Example Options (subject to change over time)

RM Unify Premium DGfL offer RM Unify Premium, bringing together the best online applications and content relevant to the educational establishment’s needs, seamlessly accessed anytime, anywhere and from any device. The RM Unify service with Premium license provides Single Sign On or Saved Password App functionality for many key educational applications, as well as integration with Office 365 and/or GSuite.

Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Support A service that provides appropriate technical and educational support for Office 365, and assistance with all provisioning, configuration and migration activities including bespoke customisations for the  educational establishment.

Google GSuite This service provides appropriate technical and educational support for Google GSuite, including assistance with all provisioning, configuration and migration activities and bespoke customisation for your educational establishment.

Educational Consultancy DGfL will engage with the educational establishment strategically and in the spirit of partnership, to help identify it’s educational IT needs. From ‘big picture’ strategic development and support, through to medium and short term high impact training and CPD.

All CPD plans are tailored and flexible to meet the varied demands of the timetable. It offers a wide range of delivery that includes whole-day INSET, half-day or after-school staff training; in-class support; developing pupil ‘Digital Leaders’; curriculum planning and development; and bespoke surgery- style consultations with Educational Consultants who know our Dudley educational establishments well.

Technical Account Management The role of the Technical Account Manager is well established within DGfL participating educational establishments and the benefit this role brings to the management and development of IT  is recognised and valued. For example, Technical Account Managers will hold regular review meetings at school, advise and support school decisions when investing in IT and generally act as a member of a school when dealing with any issues relating to IT both within the DGfL and with the management of third parties.

Wireless as a Service A centrally hosted enterprise managed wireless network to support all mobile device types and usage scenarios including BYOD and guest access. The system is fully integrated with the web filtering solution ensuring use of the wireless network in the establishment is safe and secure.

MIS Integris Licensing and Support This service provides license and support for RM Integris MIS, a cloud delivered Management Information System solution which helps educational establishments manage their data and make informed decisions with access from anywhere and at any time.

MIS Hardware and Operation System Support A technical support service for the underlying server and operating system of a locally hosted MIS. This service is targeted at supporting the necessary infrastructure on which to run products such as SIMS, Bromcom etc.

SIMS Application Support A stable MIS is central to the operation of an educational establishment. A team of trained SIMS Support Consultants provide expert advice and consultancy on the entire SIMS application suite, as well as advice on FMS to improve the use of data within the educational establishment. We will ensure the MIS is operating effectively, is up to date and reliable, providing stability for your SIMS System; allowing the educational establishment to operate effectively and rely on the availability of data.

MIS Consultancy This service provides a comprehensive package of pupil assessment analysis tools, reporting to parents, advice, guidance and support to help all educational establishments, to maximize their use of the school information management system.