What is a Puffin Crossing?

Puffin crossings are like pelican crossings, but they have detectors that can tell when people are waiting to cross. This is why you must stand by the push button box if the red man signal is showing. The detectors also "watch" the crossing and control the light signals so that you have time to cross in safety. 

What do I do when I need to cross at a Puffin Crossing?


  • When the red man is showing you should not cross. 


  • Press the button and wait near the push button box. 


  • Watch the red man signal next to you. 


  • When it changes to green, and you are sure traffic has stopped, walk straight across the road. 


  • The lights will stay red for drivers until you get to the other side of the road.


How does the Puffin Crossing affect drivers?

The Puffin Crossing has a normal traffic light but doesn't have a flashing amber (orange) stage. The good points for drivers are:

If people cross quickly the lights will change back quickly

 If someone presses the button and doesn't cross, or crosses before the lights change, the traffic will not be stopped.