The Primary Frameworks Training in Dudley

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General downloads

Joint Numeracy Literacy
Primary Framework for Literacy and Mathematics

The Strategy Primary Framework Website

DfES document - Grouping for Pupils

Dudley PNS Newsletter

Training Schedule & Details

Information from Duncan Gregory - Assessment Team
Essential Guide to APS (Powerpoint)
APS in RAISEonline in Integris (Powerpoint)
Table of point score equivalence (Word)

How to create a homepage within 
the National Strategies Site (PDF)

Core learning in mathematics: links to the 1999 Framework for teaching mathematics

INSET Powerpoint - kindly shared with us by Rabia Patel of Wrens Nest Primary- Thank you!

Keys to Learning - Calculation presentation (with Links)

Keys to Learning - Problem Solving
presentation (with links)

Keys to Learning - Resources 
(Calculation & Problem Solving)

Keys to Learning - Whiteboard Resources - Easiteach & Smart

Brighton & Hove Mapping
Primary Strategy Objectives
Cornwall Objectives Overview (Excel)

Strategy Office 5 Star Ratings
for DfES Framework IWB

5 star ratings now available as a 
PDF printable format

Progression in Number Strands 
(Word Doc)

Progression Document - Learning Objectives for Mathematics 
(PDF File)

Medium Term Plans aligned to 
L2/L3, L3/4, L4/5 
Year 3
     Year 4      Year 5
    Year 6

Medium Term Plans aligned to 
Level 1/ Level 2
Year 1   Year 2

The Williams Report  

The Rose Report

Phonics Training  

Keys to Learning - Literacy Materials

Developing Children as Writers 
(Grammar for Writing and Developing Early Writing)

Skeletal plan from Practical Aspects of Planning training

Example of Medium Term Planning
(Yr4 Unit 4 - Little Beauty)

Medium Term planning
integrating T4W and S4W



Literacy - The Whole Story - Click here for an sample overview of what's available

Session One

Saltwells EDC - 18th, 20th and 25th September 2006

Please Click here for the Introductory Powerpoint shown.

Click here for a copy of 'CPD Packages for all schools'

Session Two

Saltwells EDC - 27th, 28th September & 3rd and 6th October 2006

Session Two - Introductory PowerPoint

Maths Session PowerPoint

Literacy Session PowerPoint
Literacy Screenshots PowerPoint

DfES - Primary Framework Core paper

Also given out on session two of the training - 2 copies per school of:

The role of teacher in the assessment of learning
Extra copies available from CPA Office, Institute of Education, University of London, 20 Bedford Way, London, WC1H OAL - Cost £3.00 per copy. (Click here for a view of the front cover)

Using Assessment for Enhancing Learning - a practical guide
ISBN No: 0-9550677-1-5
Extra copies available, please e-mail (Click here for a view of the front cover)

Keys to Learning in literacy and mathematics (booklet and DVD)
Ref: 00225-2006 PCK-EN
Extra Copies available from DfES Tel:- 0845 60 222 60
or e-mail:

Session Three 
Mathematics - 22nd, 27th, 28th & 30th November
Literacy - 20th & 29th November

Mathematics Literacy

Maths Powerpoint for all Session Three Maths training

Statements from characterisation of Teaching approaches activity

22nd November 2006 - General Calculation

General Calculation Powerpoint

Excel Powerpoint - Increasing Number Grid

20th November 2006 - Improving Writing

Improving Writing Powerpoint


27th November 2006 - New Using & Applying

New Using & Applying - Powerpoint

29th November 2006 - Enhancing Literacy

Enchancing Literacy Powerpoint
28th November 2006 - Using & Applying

Using & Applying - Powerpoint

30th November 2006 - Calculation with Division

Calculation with Division - Powerpoint


Also given out on session three of the training - 2 copies per school of:

Primary Framework for Literacy and Mathematics
Ref: 02009PCK-EN

Extra Copies available from DfES Tel:- 0845 60 222 60
or e-mail:

Headteachers Update - 12th January 2007

Click here for a copy of the PowerPoint shown

Session Four
Mathematics - 10th January, 9th, 23rd February and 26th March 2007
Literacy - 12th January, 9th February 2007



10th January 2007 - General Calculation

General Calculation PowerPoint

Calculation Objectives booklet

Diamond Ranking Exercise

9th February 2007 - Using & Applying - (New)

Using and Applying PowerPoint

23rd February 2007

Calculation with Division PowerPoint
EAL PowerPoint

26th March 2007 - Using and Applying

Using and Applying PowerPoint
EMAS Powerpoint

27th March 2007- General Calculation Part Two

General Calculation Part Two Powerpoint

12th January 2007 - Improving Writing

Improving Writing - Feedback from Gap task
Planning with phases - completed

Planning with phases - blank

9th February 2007 - Enhancing Literacy
Enhancing Literacy PowerPoint

Phases planning model - Blank

Phases planning model



Session Five



25th June 2007 -
am -  Using and Applying (NEW)
pm - Using and App

28th June 2007
Calculation - am
Division - pm

Coordinators Statements on Card

29th June 2007 - Enhancing Literacy
2nd July 2007 - Improving Writing

Headteachers Update - 12th and 13th September 2007

Copy of Headteachers Update Powerpoint

Copy of Headteachers briefing - Key Messages Chart

Making Good Progress - Click here for a copy
Reference No: 00030-2007DOM-EN

Making Great Progress - Click here for a copy
Reference No: 00443-2007BKT-EN

Keeping Up - Pupils who fall behind in Key Stage 2 - Click here for a copy
Reference No: 00442-2007BKT-EN

The above three publications can also be ordered from DfES publications Telephone No: 0845 60 222 60 quoting the reference numbers given above.

Session Six

Mathematics Literacy
17th September 2007
Number Concepts - Key Stage One/Part One - Click here
Number Concepts - Key Stage Two/Part One-Click here

21st September 2007
Mental Calculation - Key Stage One/Part One- Click here
Mental Calculation - Key Stage Two/Part One - Click here

24th September & 27th September 2007
Supporting your borderline L3/4  pupils in Maths
Mapping grids aligned to the Level 3 to Level 4 material
Year Five - Click Here
Year Six - Click Here

15th November 2007
Headteachers Update on Number Concepts Course

26th November 2007
Headteachers Update On Mental Calculation Course

Resource List purchased for delegates attending Year 1 and 3 OR Year 3 and 5 training

6th/7th December 2007
Numeracy Coordinators Conference - Powerpoint

17th September & 21st September 2007
Phonics - Letters & Sounds - Powerpoint


6th/7th December 2007
Literacy Coordinators Conference - Powerpoint
APS information from Duncan Gregory - Assessment Team
Essential Guide to APS (Powerpoint)
APS in RAISEonline in Integris (Powerpoint)
Table of point score equivalence (Word)


Session Seven

Mathematics Literacy

'Tough to Teach' - FDPRP (Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Ratio and Proportion) -
11th January 2008

Click here for Course Powerpoint

Click here for 'Talking about Sets' powerpoint

Click here for Progression within fdprp (word doc)


'Tough to Teach' - Measures - 14th January 2008

Click here for Course Powerpoint

Click here for Progression within Measures (word doc)

Tough to Teach - Data - 29th February 2008

Click here for Course Powerpoint

Click here for Progression with Handling Data (word doc)

Click here for a Copy of Data Handling Cycle (word doc)


Headteachers Update - 5th February 2008


Mathematics Literacy
Maths Coordinator Conference - 3rd & 5th March (pm)

Click here for Powerpoint

Early Reading Session - 16th Nov '07 & 7th March '08

Click here for Powerpoint
Click here for Assessment Focus Grid (word)


Maths Planning Sessions - April/May 2008

North Dudley Planning Grids - NOW AVAILABLE - Click Here

Year 6
Year 5 Year 4

Year 3
Year 2 Year 1

Literacy & Numeracy Coordinators Conferences - 9th & 10th July 2008

Numeracy Coords Powerpoint
Literacy Coords Powerpoint
Mandy Wilkes - Assessment Team - Powerpoint

Literacy & Numeracy Coordinators Conferences - 2nd, 3rd & 9th December 2008

Numeracy - Copy of London Challenge Postcards

Numeracy Powerpoint

EYFS Powerpoint - Mandy Wilkes

Literacy Conference Powerpoint

Phonics Phase 5 Powerpoint

Quarry Bank Primary Powerpoint


Phase Descriptors - Rose - (Word)

Phonics Planning Grid - (Word)

Phonics Tracking Sheet- (Word)

Possible Key Quesions for Pupil Progress meetings - (Word)

Pupil Progress Meetings - Requested Materials - (Word)

Pupil Progress Summary Grid - (Word)

Randy Learner - (Word)

Sample Phonics Plan - (Word)

Suggested Planning Sheet - (Word)


Assessment - New to Year 2 Training - 14th and 15th January 2009

Early Reading Session ppt (Morning session) - (PDF)


Gathering Evidence in Reading

Powerpoint (PDF)


Talk for Writing - 23rd June 2009

Powerpoint (PDF)

Strategic Leaders - 14th September 2009 & 21st September 2009

Strategic Leaders Powerpoint - Link to PDF file
Leading improvement - Pedagogy and Practice
- Link to PDF file

The Dudley teacher and school leader professional learning framework - Link to PDF file
Professional standards for teachers - Link to PDF file

Improving practice and progression through lesson study
(PDF file)
Leading improvement Pedogogy and Practice (PDF file)
Session One Handouts (Word Doc)
Always, Sometimes, Often, Never (Word Doc)
The Quality of Teaching (Word Doc)
National Standards of School Leadership (PDF file)
Pedagogic Examples - Maths (Word Doc)
Pedagogic Examples - Literacy (Word Doc)

Numeracy Coordinators Conference - 18th OR 19th Jan 2010

Powerpoint (PDF)

Six R's of Oral and Mental Work (word doc)

Also given out were copies of:

'Securing Level 2 in Mathematics' DCSF ref: 00687-2009-BKT-EN

'Securing Level 3 in Mathematics' DCSF ref: 00388-2009BKT-EN

'Securing Level 5 in Mathematics' DCSF ref: 00866-2009BKT-EN

Extra copies may be available by calling 0845 60 222 60
or download from

Literacy Coordinators Conference - 18th OR 19th Jan 2010

Powerpoint (PDF)


Numeracy Coordinators Conference - 4th OR 5th May 2010

PowerPoint (PDF)

Numeracy Coordinators Conference - 27th OR 28th September 2010

Powerpoint (PDF)

NQT Maths

Day One - 19th October 2010 - Powerpoint (PDF)
Day Two - 27th January 2011

Maths Language

Day One - 7th October 2010
Powerpoint (PDF)
Dialogue & Language (PDF)
Language examples of what would be happening if....(PDF)

Day Two - 18th November 2010
Powerpoint (PDF)
Developing Mathematical Language (PDF)

Day Three - 16th February 2011

Mental Maths & Visualisation

Day One - 21st October 2010 OR 25th January 2011
Powerpoint (PDF)
Match the Calculations (PDF)

Day Two - 8th February 2011 OR 22nd March 2011

Maths Coordinators Update
18th OR 19th January 2011
Powerpoint (PDF)