As there are so many rich tasks, to save some time we have colour coded some of the tasks - Those in green are tasks that have been used successfully in schools recently and are aimed at, or can be adapted, for KS3.  The handling data section which begins with "Cans" is a list of various data sets.

Teaching & Learning Functional Mathematics (PDF)

ICT In Mathematics

Crosscut (Excel) Mathematics with ICT Magic Square (PDF)
It adds up (Excel) ICT in Mathematics (PDF)
Magic Squares (Excel) Integrating ICT into Mathematics at KS3 (PDF)
Mathematics with ICT Geometry (PDF)

Interacting with Maths in Key Stage Three

Constructing & solving linear equations - Foundations of algebra (PDF) Constructing & solving linear equations - Year 8 booklet (PDF)
Constructing & solving linear equations - Year 7 booklet (PDF) Constructing & solving linear equations - Year 9 booklet (PDF)

Geometrical Reasoning

Year 9 Geometrical Reasoning - Mini Pack (PDF) Year 9 Geometrical Reasoning Resources (PDF)
Year 9 Geometrical Reasoning problem Bank (word)

Handling Data

Year 8 - Handling Data Mini Pack (PDF) Wise Words and Other Tasks (PDF)


Bottles & Cans (Excel) Cans all (word)
Cans (Males & Females) (Word)

Charts for Cans (Excel)

Census at School

Ask everyone (word) Census Form (word)
Code used in Census (word) Data Sex No Name (word)
Data with no name (word) Inductive Statements (word)
Rural Raw Data (excel) Urban Raw Data (excel)

Favourite Things

Charts Favourite Subject (word) Favourite Movies (excel)
Favourite Subject (excel) Top ten teams (excel)
Goals and Football
Goals bar charts (word) Goals bar charts 2 (word)
Goals Raw Data (excel) Top Ten Teams (excel)

Heights of Pupils

Different Groups (word) Different Groups (excel)
Height and Footsize (excel) Height by age - Male & Female (excel)
Heights (Sample of Yr 8) (word)

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phone Insurance claims (word) Mobile phones and internet access (excel)


Hours of Sunshine for UK (word) Sunshine Regional (excel)
Sunshine UK (excel)


Air, Sea or Channel Tunnel (word) Cars & travel to school (excel)
Distance to School (excel) Travel to school (word)

Proportional Reasoning

Enhancing PR & year 8 & 9 handouts (PDF) Enhancing PR Year 8 & 9 Notes (PDF)
Enhancing PR Year 8 & 9 pupil Resources (PDF)
Proportional Transition Lessons
Introduction to Transition Lessons (PDF) Year 7 Fractions (PDF)
Year 7 Resources for fractions (PDF) Year 8 Fractions (PDF)
Year 8 Resources for fractions (PDF) Year 8 Resources - Thinking proportionally (PDF)
Year 8 Think proportionally (PDF)

Year 7 Fractions & Ratio

How to use images of fractions ITP (word) How to use ratio strips ITP (word)
Images of fractions ITP Ratio Strips ITP
Year 7 Fraction and Ratio Mini Pack (PDF) Year 7 Fraction and Ratio Resource (PDF)
Year 8 Multiplicative Relationships
Year 8 Multiplicative relationships mini pack (PDF)

Year 9 Proportional Reasoning

How to use photo enlargements ITP (word) Photographic enlargements ITP
Year 9 Proportional reasoning mini pack (PDF) Year 9 Proportional Reasoning Resources (PDF)

Leading in Learning

Leading in learning handbooks for teachers KS3 (PDF)  Leading in learning handbook for teachers KS4 (PDF)
Leading in learning - Mathematics subject exemplification (PDF)

More Rich Tasks

"What's it worth" (PDF) NRICH  problems linked to
the Framework for teaching mathematics in Years 7, 8 and 9 (word)
NRICH problems linked to the Key Stage 4 Curriculum (word) Ratios in Practice 1 (JPEG)
Ratios in Practice 2 (JPEG)

Rich Tasks from APP

Year 8 - Algebra (Mind readers & What's the Trick?) (PDF) Year 9 Algebra (Twelve sum & Three lines) (PDF)
Year 8 Number & Handling Data (Powerful stuff & The first hundred) (PDF) Year 9 Handling Data (Runners Up! and Runners Up Again!) (PDF)
Year 7 Handling Data (Controversial & Feeling confident) (PDF) Year 8 Number (1-2-5-10 & Percentages) (PDF)
Year 7 Number/Algebra (Rules R Us & What's my picture?) (PDF) Year 9 Number (Thinking proportionately & Secret Sequences)(PDF)
Year 7 Number (Shape Expectations & Polygon perimeters) (PDF) Year 7 Shape, Space & Measures (Making Shapes & What's the Area?) (PDF)
Year 8 Shape, Space & Measures (How do you know? Area & How do you know? Angles) (PDF) Year 9 Shape, Space & Measures (Wrap around & Prismatic) (PDF)
Mostly Algebra
Interpreting Algebriac Expressions (PDF) Connecting perpendicular lines (PDF)
Factorising Cubics (PDF) Exploring trigonometrical graphs (PDF)
Simplifying logarithmic expressions (PDF) Exploring equations in parametric form (PDF)
Creating and solving equations (PDF) Creating and solving harder equations (PDF)
Evaluating algebraic expressions (PDF) Interpreting distance - time graphs with a computer (PDF)
Interpreting distance - time graphs (PDF) Interpreting functions, graphs & tables (PDF)
Developing an exam questions, generalising patterns (PDF) Performing number magic (PDF)
Mostly Number
Ordering Fractions & Decimals (PDF) Developing an exam question, number (PDF)
Manipulating surds (PDF) Using Indices (PDF)
Analysing Sequences (PDF) Evaluating statements about number operations (PDF)
Rounding numbers (PDF) Estimating length, using standard form (PDF)
Understanding the laws of arithmetic (PDF) Developing proportional reasoning (PDF)
Using percentages to increase quantities (PDF) Using directed numbers in context (PDF)
Evaluating directed number statements (PDF)
Mostly Shape & Space
Classifying Shapes (PDF) Understanding perimeter & area (PDF)
Dissecting a square (PDF) Evaluating statements about length & Area (PDF)
Evaluating statements about enlargements (PDF) Representing 3D Shapes (PDF)
Transforming shapes (PDF) Developing an exam question, transformations (PDF)
Mostly Statistics
Ordering probabilities (PDF) Evaluating probability statements (PDF)
Playing probability computer games (PDF) Understanding mean, median, mode & range (PDF)
Interpreting bar charts, pie charts, box & Whisker plots (PDF) Interpreting frequency graphs (PDF)
Developing an exam question, probability (PDF) Using binomial probabilities (PDF)
Teaching Mental Mathematics From Level 5
Algebra (PDF) Measure & Mensuration Algebra (PDF)
Measures and Mensuration Number (PDF) Measures & Mensuration Shape & Space (PDF)
Number (PDF) Shape & Space (PDF)