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Interactive Teaching Programs (ITPs)
A guide to ITPs
Dudley 5* ITP Rating
Area Isometric Grid Number Spinners
Beadsticks Line Graph Number Scales
Calculate Angle Measuring Cylinder Ordering Numbers
Coordinates Measuring Scales Place Value
Counting Moving Digits Polygon
Counting in 1s & 10s Multiplication Array Ratio & Proportion
Data Handling Multiplication Board Remainders
Decimal Number Line Multiplication Facts Ruler
Difference Multiplication Grid Symmetry
Division Grid Multiplication Tables Tell the Time
Fixing Points Number Dials Thermometer
Fractions Number Facts Twenty Cards
Function Blocks Number Grid  
Grouping Number Line  
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We have written our 5* rating and explanation for the ITPs and PNS spreadsheets.  These are within the list on the left. 

There is also the Primary National Strategy booklet 'A Guide to Interactive Teaching Programs'.




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